When Someone You Think is Interesting Instamgrams You: J. Rudy Lewis Likes It

sgt_instagramI like it when people Instagram me. It’s flattering that people like my work enough to share it with a huge audience–it’s actually very humbling and makes me a little bit nervous (I’m something of an introvert–an introvert’s introvert). metalsmith

But it’s especially neato when someone who I know of and think is interesting Instagrams my stuff–like the philanthropist Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia. And just this morning, the author and writer Susan Gregory Thomas posted two of my rings on Instagram. I read her memoir, In Spite of Everything (Random House), which sociologically explores at the lifespan of the cynical, lonely but self-reliant Generation X, while Thomas intersperses her own story as a heuristic example. It changed my whole view of my own life and upbringing: what I read made sense to me.

Today, Thomas wrote this on her Instagram: “j.rudy:exo rings = objects that have changed my whole outlook on things.” Cool. Glad I could return the favor.